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Have you ever dreamed...

of being held, supported and safe? 

For a moment, pure bliss, at peace with what is. 
Free to express all that moves you. Free to uncover what has yet to bubble up. 
Free to share from the deepest depths of your soul. 

And for a moment, dear sister, imagine this profound experience witnessed and met with unconditional love.

We all deserve to be supported in this way.


Which is why we have created a special offering for you...

In This Community,

We Lead With LOVE

​We know how hard it can be to find your tribe. In the Sacred Sister Tribe we love, support and encourage each other, FIERCELY.


Every month we will dive DEEP into a new topic with weekly exercises and guidance to support you in releasing toxic patterns, embracing your potential and unlocking your DESTINY.

  • Monthly Focus

    WE like to set intentions.
    Which is why every month will have a specific focus. Our unique exercises, live interactions and knowledge will guide you towards the conscious exploration, goal setting, risk taking, abundance-seeking, full expression of YOU!


  • Book Club Enrollment

    WE love getting lost in a book! 
    As part of the Sacred Sisters Tribe, you will have access to our top book recommendations, each connected to our specific Monthly Focus. Throughout the month, we will have fun sharing insights from the books and performing exercises together.

  • Guest Guidance

    WE love the guidance we receive from other beautiful women around the world. Enjoy access to unique teachings from healers, mentors and wise elders who offer tools and wisdom for a life full of abundance, ease and divine flow.

  • Direct Support

    WE got your back, sister.
    Jamie Lee and Krystal will be available to you with direct emails and online interactions. No question is a silly question. We've been there, love. It can be mucky and uncomfortable at times, let us help you move into your magic.



  • Community Love

    In addition to the direct support you receive from Jamie Lee and Krystal, you will have access to the group support of the feminine collective. Remember, we lead with LOVE and our tribe takes that very seriously. Feel yourself embraced by your sisters.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    As an extra bonus, members of the WE Sacred Sisters Tribe will receive 10% off all future WE Women offerings—that includes programs, coaching, t-shirts, goddess swag, online summits, retreats, and so much more!

  • Healing Rituals

    Every month brings a new cycle and a new opportunity for reflection and growth. Together, WE will harness the power of moon cycles and cosmic alignment. These heart-opening rituals will nourish your soul and guide you forward on your journey.


  • Tangible Resources

    As important as it is to BE, we also love to DO. We love step-by-step, actionable resources and knowledge and WE want you to have absolutely everything you need for success. You will be able to access all downloadable content and resources in the Private Members Area.

  • Feminine Rewilding

    Deepening our wild feminine nature with moon magick, foraging practices and ancient herbal medicines to honor our connection to our Mama Earth.

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WE Women is empowering me as a conscious, confident and loving woman on how to show up in my world and for myself with my most loving and confident foot forward. From their teachings I have learned the answers to questions that I didn’t even know how to articulate but I knew I wanted answers to them.

It’s like they’ve gone into the corners of my mind and are speaking exactly to what my soul is yearning to learn. I feel supported and understood and excited about who I can become from their teachings and sisterhood.


Cassandra Hope

RHN, CPT, Co-Founder IBS Academy 

Krystal and Jamie are incarnations of the Divine Feminine at its strongest. Through their compassionate heart AND fierce stand for women reclaiming their power, these Wonder Women are true world leaders, beacons of light and hope, and role-models to women, children, and teens.

However you were brought to WE Women, know that it is not an accident — as these healing sisters hold exactly the wisdom that the world needs." 

Anya Grace

Founder, EastWest Woman





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